King Charles III's coronation: Terrifying moment spooked horse careers back into crowd during procession

Terrifying footage has shown the moment a spooked horse suddenly reversed into crowds lining the streets during King Charles III's coronation procession.

The scary incident happened as the gold state coach, which was carrying the King and Queen Camilla back to Buckingham Palace after their crowning, rounded the corner from Whitehall into The Mall.

A member of the Life Guards, a regiment of the Household Cavalry, tried to stop their frightened steed from backing into the crowd. Police officers who were lining the street moved out of the way just in time as the horse crashed into the barricade in front of the crowd.

Members of the public behind the barrier scrambled out of the way as they saw the danger they were in.

The horse was soon brought under control and continued its position behind the gold state coach.

There have been no reports of serious injuries following the incident, although one officer was seen limping at the end of the video clip after it appeared their foot was trampled on.

Around 4000 sailors, soldiers, aviators, and other military personnel from across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth accompanied the King and Queen on their return procession.

After the incident, the procession continued along The Mall to huge cheers from the crowd as the King and Queen waved to the thousands of people who'd lined the streets.

Closely behind them was the Prince and Princess of Wales with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

After arriving at Buckingham Palace, members of the Royal Family appeared on the balcony to watch a flypast of Royal Air Force planes.