Police comb Portuguese reservoir for Madeleine McCann after 'certain tip-offs'

Police have combed a reservoir in Portugal as they investigate the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann who's been missing since 2007.

Officials have confirmed they are searching the remote reservoir in Portugal after receiving "certain tip-offs".

After years of nothing, finally, there's potentially something. A cold case bursting back into action.

A coalition of officers from Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom descended on the Portuguese countryside at first light with dogs and dogged determination, searching the scrubland around the remote reservoir for long-overdue answers. 

"The German police are continuing at pace, they are not taking off the pressure, they are continuing to invest resources," said former head of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Jim Gamble.

The renewed police presence was only rivalled by that of the media - the case that gripped the world and the young face at the centre of it continues to do so.

The search site is just 30 minutes drive from the popular holiday spot of Praia da Luz where a three-year-old Maddy was snatched from her bed in 2007.

Phone records place the prime suspect, Christian Brueckner, near her apartment around the time of her disappearance and he was often seen visiting the reservoir.

An independent search was conducted at the reservoir in 2008 but it was dismissed by police and ultimately abandoned due to its cost.

Now investigators scour the land and water with renewed focus.

Police have been coming and going from the search site all day long and they have revealed they are following a "certain tip-offs" but they will not say what that tip-off was. 

"That shall remain our secret for the moment… give us a little bit of time," urged Braunschweig state prosecutor Christian Wolter.

One more secret to unlock the rest perhaps in the mystery of Madeleine McCann.