Queensland man's remains found inside two killer crocodiles after day-long police hunt

A search for two killer crocs in Queensland, Australia, has ended with the remains of a man found inside both of them. 

A 46-year-old publican had been fishing with mates when they heard him scream and disappear into the water. 

On the edge of swampy croc-infested waters, two friends point police to the spot where their friend Kevin Darmody disappeared. 

"[I] heard a loud yell and splashing while fishing near the river on Saturday," said Tony Russo, one of Darmody's mates.

He was with friends, retrieving a lure from the river bank.

Chief Inspector Mark Henderson from Cairns Police said they "did shoo away the smaller crocodile when they arrived so they could fish."

Darmody's friends didn't see what happened next, but heard it.

"He would have known then it was imminent when he let out a scream like that - that's pretty daunting to think about it like that," said Russo.

An agonising day-long search led investigators to find and kill two crocodiles, one of them more than four metres long. 

Insp Henderson said identifiable items were found inside the crocodile.

"It's a very tragic end to this search. Hopefully it will give some closure to the family."

Darmody was the publican of the town's hotel, an area known for crocs, but there are now calls for the reptiles to be culled. 

"They're growing in numbers, they're territorial so they expand into areas they haven't seen before. That's what we're experiencing now," Insp Henderson said.

Just days ago, one snatched a pet dog from a popular beach.

Cairns Police are reminding everyone just how quick a crocodile's jaws can become deadly if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.