Stunning meteor lights up Australia's skies

  • 21/05/2023

Queenslanders caught a rare glimpse on Saturday night of what an astrophysicist says can only be a meteor.

Experts estimate the meteor was between half a metre to a metre in size and travelling up to 150,000km/h.

"It's most definitely a meteor," said Dr Brad Tucker, from the Australian National University (ANU).

"The fact that we saw it start from this small thing then getting that big glow and then the sonic boom afterward all point to it being a meteor."

Locals report a fire-ball-like object in the sky that got bigger and bigger followed by the earth-shattering sound of a sonic boom, and several were lucky enough to capture it on camera.

"My partner could just see this last night on our drive home in Perth. Was wondering what it was," one woman wrote on Facebook.

"Saw it at Mission Beach looking out to sea, amazing... saw it light up the sky gradually building to basically daylight with a blue hue over say two to three seconds then culminating with a red flash on the horizon," another viewer commented.

"Blessed to have been up and looking at the right time."