Two 13yos hand themselves in after Sydney fire, police aware of others at scene

Two young teenagers have handed themselves in to Australian police over the fire that tore through two buildings in central Sydney on Thursday afternoon. 

Local police revealed on Friday that two 13-year-olds arrived at two separate police stations late on Thursday evening.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul Dunstan said police are speaking with the young pair and the two teens are now helping with the investigation. 

"I can further confirm we are aware of a further three or four young people who were present during the fire," Asst Cmmr Dunstan said. 

7News reports he pleaded for the remaining young people to come forward with their parents and "put their side of the story forward".

The fiery inferno saw more than 120 firefighters and 30 firetrucks battle the blaze on Thursday afternoon, which broke out at a heritage-listed former hat factory in Surry Hills.

7News reports a witness said he saw several school-aged children run from the building not long after the fire broke out. 

7News reports fire crews worked through the night to extinguish the fire and are now using a drone to monitor hot spots for potential reignition.