Army of supporters follow Donald Trump to Miami as court appearance looms

Donald Trump has landed in Miami tonight, ahead of his historic court date in just a few hours.

The former President faces almost 40 criminal charges that could see him imprisoned for decades. He's accused of illegally taking secret documents from the White House to his Florida resort.

Trump Force One touched down in Miami on Tuesday. Bunkered down at one of his golf course resorts, Trump's reported to be still hiring lawyers.

But he wasn't the only one flying in, an army of supporters have followed.

Trump faces 37 criminal charges, accused of taking classified documents from the White House. Pictures show he stored boxes upon boxes in a storage room, a ballroom - even a bathroom.

Then when he was asked to give them back, he's accused of obstructing officials. But it is all "nonsense", according to Trump.

"As far as the joke of an indictment it's a horrible thing!" Trump said.

On Monday his own Attorney-General said Trump could be toast and on Tuesday his former National Security Advisor John Bolton chimed in.

"This was a risk to national security beyond calculation," Bolton said.

As did his former UN Ambassador Nikki Hayley, a rival for the Republican nomination.

"It's reckless,  it's frustrating and it causes problems. This is the second indictment, we're looking at a third indictment possibly coming in with Georgia," Hayley said.

The documents found at Mar-a-Lago could prove disastrous for Trump - in a legal sense. Politically, however, he's still incredibly popular, especially in Florida.

Trump is still on track to become the Republican nominee for President. A new poll shows 61 percent of Republicans would choose him for the nominee.

Next in line is Ron DeSantis, trailing a long way behind Trump.

On Wednesday, downtown Miami will become lockdown Miami for the former President's court appearance.

Officials aren't taking any chances and no police officers have been allowed to take the day off.

Trump's appearance is scheduled for around 7am Wednesday New Zealand time.

Determined to have the last word, he's planned an address Wednesday night from his New Jersey Golf Club.