Fatal mushroom lunch: Woman invited ex-husband for meal to try win him back, sources say

Erin Patterson, 48, invited her ex-husband to rekindle their relationship, new reports say.
Erin Patterson, 48, invited her ex-husband to rekindle their relationship, new reports say. Photo credit: News.com.au.

The woman at the centre of a deadly Australian mushroom lunch allegedly cooked the meal to try win her ex-husband back, new reports say.

Three people died after Victorian woman Erin Patterson, 48, served them a beef Wellington pie she cooked for lunch on July 29.

But she didn't fall sick herself - nor did her children.

The latest claims allege Patterson invited her former parents-in-law and ex-husband over for lunch to reconcile, the Daily Mail reported.

However, ex-husband Simon Patterson pulled out at the last minute.

Simon allegedly did not want to rekindle anything with Erin, and was also recovering from a strange stomach illness that hospitalised him for months.

Erin was suspected of poisoning him in 2022.

Simon's mother, father, and aunt died after showing symptoms of poisoning by death cap mushrooms.

His uncle is still in hospital.

Simon's friend said he didn't want to reconcile with Erin.

"She was basically petitioning to get back with him and the family didn't think that was a good move," he said.

"They basically didn't think she was good enough for him."

The friend said Simon's family attended as they were concerned about Erin's mental health.

He continued, claiming it was an "intervention", not just a meal.

Erin said on Monday she was innocent.

"I'm devastated, I loved them," she said to Australian reporters through tears.

"I can't believe this has happened."

7News reported Erin's initial story to police was that she bought the mushrooms from a shop in Leongatha, Victoria.

But authorities there haven't issued any warnings or recalls about produce - raising doubt in her version of events.

Local police also discovered a dehydrating machine at the local rubbish centre, apparently dumped there the day after the fatal lunch.

The mother of two remains the prime suspect in Victoria Police's investigation.