Fed-up Australians sabotage supermarket chain signs, price tags amid rising cost of food

Australians fed-up with the increased cost of food have rebelled against two major supermarket chains – sabotaging their signage and price tags. 

Grassroots Action Network Tas have recently replaced discount tags along the shopping aisle, with one reading "our right to profit is more important that your right to food. That's capitalism baby!".

It comes after Coles and Woolworths announced they had made $1.1 billion and $1.6 billion in profits over the last financial year.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Grassroots Action Network Tas shared images of their recent supermarket stints across Coles and Woolworths in Tasmania. 

"We understand that times are tough, and that's why we pay our CEO over $20,000 a day. That's the median wage of a Tasmanian before the end of the week," one altered Woolworths tag read. 

Another tag with Coles' branding said: "We've made over $1 billion in profits whilst the price of your food goes up, up, up!"

News.com.au reports Coles chief operating officer Matt Swindells said the cost-of-living crisis contributed to a rise in shoplifting incidents in "every store and every category".

"It's a real challenge."

While Coles battles shoplifting, the activist group had a message for those who witness it. 

"If you see someone shoplifting no you didn't," read an altered Coles discount tag. 

Meanwhile a fed-up Sydney man targeted the signage at a Woolworths in Bondi on Friday. 

In a video shared online, the man is seen screen printing words below a Woolworth's metro sign to the tune 'We're not going to take it'.

The man, dressed in high-vis replaces the Woolworth's slogan 'the fresh food people' with 'the price gouge people'.

A Coles supermarket sign was also vandalised.

While the supermarket's location and date of vandalism is not known, Yahoo news reports a man was seen screen printing 'Down, down, morality down' above Coles' name, referring to Coles' 'down, down, price are down' jingle.