Police hunting for gunman after shooting in Kellerberrin, Western Australia

Police are urgently seeking the whereabouts of 25-year-old Lachlan Bowles.
Police are urgently seeking the whereabouts of 25-year-old Lachlan Bowles. Photo credit: WA Police

A manhunt is underway in Western Australia following a shooting in a small town southeast of Perth.

Police have issued an "active shooter alert" and are urging residents of the small farming community of Kellerberrin to stay inside. 

It's alleged the gunman went to a grain silo in Kellerberrin at around 8:40am (local time) and discharged his gun, WA Police said. He then fled the area in a vehicle.

Local media outlets have reported a man was shot during the attack.

Lachlan Bowles, 25, has been named by police as the suspect. The public is told not to approach him and instead contact police immediately.

"A large number" of police resources have been deployed. Police said one person has been injured and taken to hospital via ambulance.

An eyewitness told ABC he heard "three bangs" coming from inside the silo workshop. Afterwards, he saw his co-worker lying on the ground.

The man who fired the shot was wearing a face-covering, the eyewitness said. He described the shooting as "shocking".

Police now understand Bowles is travelling on foot in the Kellerberrin and Bencubbin areas. They believe he is armed and dressed in camouflage clothing.

One local told ABC they saw about 40 armed police in the town. The local supermarket has shut its doors and staff are waiting inside to stay safe.

WA Police are due to give an update later on Thursday.