Spanish journalist Isa Balado groped and assaulted by man while broadcasting live on national television

There's been widespread outrage in Spain after a journalist was groped by a passerby while broadcasting live on national television. 

A male passerby appeared to touch the journalist's behind as she spoke to the camera in an on-air confrontation broadcast across the country. 

Cuatro journalist Isa Balado was delivering details of a robbery that took place in central Madrid when she was approached by the man. 

The man reached out his hand and touched her, before interrupting her report to ask what television channel she worked for. 

Immediately after the interaction, Balado told the man she was live on camera before continuing with her broadcast.  

Seconds later, the show's host Nacho Abad interrupted her with an apology. 

"Sorry to interrupt Isa, but did he just touch your rear?" he asked. She then confirmed he had. 

"As much as you want to ask me what channel we're from, do you really have to touch my rear?" she asked the man. "I'm live on air and I'm working". 

The man denied he touched her, despite it being caught on live television. 

Balado attempted to end the conversation. "I would like you to let me work," she said. 

The man continued to deny he had touched her and reached out to stroke her hair as he turned around to leave. 

Abad expressed his shock and disappointment towards the reporter, telling her she "has nothing to feel sorry for" and it "makes me so mad". 

According to The Guardian, Spain's acting labour minister and second deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Díaz has called for the act to be punished. 

"Machismo is what leads to journalists having to suffer sexual assaults like this and leaves aggressors unrepentant in front of the camera," she wrote. 

Police officers quickly arrived at the scene and arrested the man, 25, for sexually assault.