Gaza hospital bombing disrupts Joe Biden's visit to meet Israel PM, regional leaders

The hospital bombing in Gaza has thrown US President Joe Biden's visit to the region into complete chaos. 

It comes as protests erupt across the Middle East in support of the civilians who were killed. 

President Biden was due to meet Israel's Prime Minister and leaders of other nations - however, Jordan and Egypt have now pulled out.  

Biden was in no mood for questions as he boarded Air Force One tonight near Washington as he headed to a warzone, and an airport where Germany's Chancellor had to dive to the floor - just hours ago.  

It's not exactly an auspicious symbol of what is waiting for Biden when he arrives in the morning.  

Across the Arab world, the voices of thousands are now chanting for the voiceless in Gaza. 

The rage is directed at Israel, even though it denies striking the hospital where hundreds have died.  

Thousands descended upon Israel's Embassy in Istanbul, moments after the strike.  

Israel's government has asked its nationals to leave Turkey, out of fear for their safety.  

There were similar scenes unfolding in Baghdad and in Beirut too, the heartland of Hezbollah - the militant group with deep ties to Hamas and Iran. 

The US has warned others against entering this war, but Hezbollah may not be listening.  

After the hospital attack, it called for "a day of rage that is unprecedented in history". 

Protests erupted too in Jordan, where the US President was meant to meet with regional leaders tomorrow.  

It has now been cancelled by Jordan - its King, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, described the strike as "an undeniable war crime." 

The President of the Palestinian Authority had already cancelled hours earlier.  

The stakes are now much higher for Biden's visit, where he had hoped to find a way for hostages to be released, and for aid to be delivered.  

Now, his focus will be "containing the violence". 

In a statement, he said he was outraged and saddened by what had happened at the hospital.  

And "directed his national security team to continue gathering information about what exactly happened".  

But with so many already convinced they know - Biden's answer may not calm them.