Israel-Hamas conflict: United States sends war carrier closer to Israel to assist if needed

Western leaders are condemning the actions of Hamas - while the US is taking things a step further.

It's sending its most advanced war carrier closer to Israel, with 5000 sailors and a fleet of warplanes on board, ready to assist if needed.

New York City has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

Hours after their spiritual homeland was attacked, pro-Palestinian protesters descended on Times Square. 

It's a move already labelled 'abhorrent and morally repugnant' by the Governor. 

"I'm a strong believer that the people across the street are supporting terrorism," one man told Newshub.

"This huge crowd here across the street are celebrating the murder of 600 Israelis," another said. 

Protests are taking place across the world - and for much of the day, one was on the move, marching through Manhattan. 

"Almost 300 Palestinians have been killed this year alone, in the past nine months, and no outrage has happened," one woman said. "This is what happens when people are oppressed!"

The demonstration took place a short distance from an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. 

Israel's ambassador emerged from the meeting with an iPad to illustrate the atrocities, before comparing the attacks to ones on this city 22 years ago. 

United Nation's Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan described it as "Israel's 911".

Americans are believed to have been killed in the Hamas attack, and on Monday Washington stepped up its response. 

The US Navy's newest aircraft carrier will sail towards Israel, armed with warplanes. 

"President Biden's direction was to make sure we are providing Israel everything it needs in this moment to deal with the attacks from Hamas," United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

Elsewhere, global leaders joined the chorus of condemnation over the weekend's attacks. 

"This is indiscriminate, civilians being targetted, killed and murdered," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told the Insider.

"We will do everything that we can to help, terrorism can not prevail," UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said.

Itself at war, billboards in Ukraine's capital were illuminated with the Israeli flag. 

President Zelenskyy, having spoken with Israel's Prime Minister, offered his condolences too. 

Back in New York, demonstrations threatened to spill over as the day wore on.  

A sign, perhaps, of just how far the conflict is stretching.