Australian woman Lisa Lines to face trial over accusations of repeated plots to kill ex-husband

An Australian woman is set to face trial after accusations she repeatedly plotted to kill her ex-husband.  

Lisa Lines, 43, was denied bail in court on Monday where she appeared for the first time in South Australia. 

Lines is accused of attempting to orchestrate the murder of 36-year-old Jonathon Hawtin with the help of others.

In July 2017, Lines told Hawtin she wanted to split and started a relationship with Zacharia Bruckner in August.  

But then Hawtin was attacked with an axe at his home in Littlehampton, in October 2017. He suffered such serious injuries that he was left a quadriplegic.

Jonathon Hawtin became a quadriplegic after suffering severe injuries to his neck.
Jonathon Hawtin became a quadriplegic after suffering severe injuries to his neck. Photo credit: 7News

Bruckner was also found with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. 

Hawtin was initially charged with attempted murder for shooting Bruckner, with local authorities assuming Bruckner had acted in self-defense.  

However, during the 2019 trial, the jury let Hawtin go after three hours of deliberation.  

Police now believe Bruckner "shot himself in the hip" and that he and Lines "staged a crime scene to make it look like Mr Hawtin was the offender," Australian media report. 

Lines is also accused of starting another relationship with a woman, who was allegedly used to try and murder Hawtin on New Year’s Day in 2018. 

According to 9News, the woman had allegedly been sent to a rehabilitation facility to suffocate Hawtin with a pillow. 

The woman was then stopped by security guards and ran from the hospital. 

Lines and Bruckner are accused of attempting to kill Hawtin in the 2017 axe attack, along with planning to kill Hawtin and his mother by hiring a hitman to take them both out in 2021. 

Lines and the female partner have been charged with attempted murder over the incident at the rehab facility in 2018.