Video shows underwater earthquake in Indonesia from the perspective of divers

Footage of an underwater earthquake from the perspective of divers has gone viral on social media. 

The TikTok video shows a group of divers near the ocean bed, surrounded by groups of fish and coral reefs. 

Clouds of sand and large schools of fish are seen moving up from the bottom of the ocean as the divers get thrown side-to-side. 

One diver grabs a cluster of coral sticking out from the sea floor, while the others helplessly float in the water as the sudden jolting pushes them around. 

As the coral disappears from view, it is replaced by what looks like a dust storm, only underwater. 

The video states the waterquake was a magnitude 7.2, in the Banda Sea surrounding the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. 

Several comments describe the video as a "new fear unlocked", while others agree it's "scary". 

"Wow, it's the first time I've seen an earthquake on the sea floor," one person said. 

"Seeing those fish swim fast, then waiting for the unknown is [a] big no," one person said. 

"One of my biggest fears," another added.