Far North Queensland floods see people in trees, sitting on roofs as they wait to be rescued

Australia's Defence Force has evacuated the entire town of Wujal Wujal in Queensland's Far North due to severe flooding. 

The devastating floods in the area have claimed the life of a man in Cairns, however, there have also been hundreds of lives saved.  

From a tinnie making its way through muddy waters, a lifesaving call can be heard from two rescuers. 

Among the branches, in crocodile-infested waters, they find a barefoot man clinging to a tree for his life. 

"It was pretty sketchy driving the tinnie around, there were cars going past us," one rescuer said. 

A woman who found refuge on her roof was saved, along with a man and his two dogs.  

Shivering, terrified and huddled together in a tree for 24 hours sat the parents of one rescuer, much to her surprise. 

"They had ripped up bed sheets and strapped themselves," she exclaimed. 

Washed away when their home went under - residents are left fighting for their lives. 

Some people have been seen wading through waist-deep water, while others move to higher ground. 

Locals have been working together in incredible acts of bravery to rescue more than 300 residents from the rising flood waters. 

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