Israeli Defence Force admits to using 'wrong weaponry' in Gaza refugee camp bombing that killed more than 80 people 

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has admitted it used the "wrong weaponry" to bomb a refugee camp after 80 people were killed during a strike.    

On Friday, the IDF said it regrets using the wrong weapons, which caused extensive damage.   

In a desolate and mostly deserted Gaza City, Israel is still trying to flush out Hamas militants.     

Further south in Khan Younis, military operations are expanding - not winding down.    

Israel is defiant amid international demands for a ceasefire.    

An IDF spokesperson said Hamas' "very existence is a threat to Israelis' way of life".   

"We will continue to explore every avenue to secure our hostages' release and the dismantling of this terrorist regime."   

Day by day has turned into month by month and Hamas continues to push back.    

Like Israel, it too is releasing footage of its own attacks.    

It's almost five days since the Christmas Eve air strike on Gaza's Maghazi refugee camp.    

Explosions killed more than 80 people and afterwards residents described finding family members "in pieces".    

On Friday came a rare admission from the IDF, which said it used the "wrong weaponry" in the attack.    

"The type of munition did not match the nature of the attack, causing extensive collateral damage which could have been avoided," the IDF said.  

It added it regrets any harm to those who weren't meant to be the target of its strike.    

The Hamas-run health ministry said 21,000 have now died in Gaza since October 7.    

Among them, the war's youngest victims - children caught in a conflict they have no way of understanding.