Australian tradies destroy concrete driveway they just laid over pay dispute

  • 09/01/2024

A team of Australian tradies have destroyed a job they'd just finished in an act of revenge after a pay dispute. 

In a viral video shared on social media, concreter Jesse Crowe and his team took pickaxes to their work, smashing up the concrete driveway they had poured just days ago. 

"This is what happens when you don’t want to pay for work carried out at your place," Crowe, based in Logan, near Brisbane, said. 

"Should have paid. Now it's going to cost more to get it all dug up, taken away and poured again," another tradie added. 

The debacle all started over a dispute over money. Crowe said he had negotiated the $6000 job with homeowner Viola and she had paid $2500 as a deposit. However, Viola said they had agreed on $5000 and she had paid a $3500 deposit. 

The homeowner also had concerns about the quality of work and hidden fees. 

Speaking to 7News, Viola said the workers didn't lay mesh like she asked and never gave her a quote for any additional rubbish removal fees. She also said the concreter refused to give her a receipt and wanted to be paid in cash. 

She claims she would have paid the tradesman, but they refused to finish the job and instead, they turned up at her house and intimidated her. 

"I was treated as a thief, as a crook," Viola said. 

"They did what they wanted, not what I wanted." 

Crowe said he didn't enjoy having to destroy something he had just built.  

"It comes to a point where you're in the trade for a long time and you're doing the right thing by people, and they don't want to pay at the end of the day, so what are you gonna do?" he told 7News.  

While a video of the incident was only posted online days ago, it happened last year.  

Since then, Viola has lived with the damaged concrete and plans to fix it herself.