Backlash after white supremacists gather in Sydney for third day in row

Australia's Prime Minister has condemned white supremacists who have been gathering in large numbers in Sydney.  

It comes after a major police operation was underway on Monday after about 30 neo-Nazi National Socialist Network members gathered at Artarmon Reserve around 8:30am. 

It's a disturbing sight, seeing a far-right group dressed in all black, whose identities are kept a secret but their views are not.   

It's the third day in a row the white supremacists have gathered in Sydney.  

They first appeared on Australia Day boarding a train, suspected to have had their sights on an Aboriginal march in the city. 

More than 60 members boarded the train carrying shields and a banner, while allegedly chanting racist slogans. Six of them were then arrested, with dozens of infringements issued.  

"This conversation and your actions are being recorded on a body-worn camera," police could be heard saying to members of the group on Monday. 

They were moved on by officers, with a clear message condemning their actions. 

"I don't want to see people in balaclavas dressed in black head to toe engaged in neo-Nazi activity," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.  

Many states have already banned the display of Nazi flags and symbols, and the New South Wales premier is vowing to name and shame.  

"If you believe you can disguise your identity while intimidating people of New South Wales, police will remove the balaclava from your face," NSW Premier Chris Minns said.  

"It's pathetic, if it wasn't so nauseating," Minns added.