Jeffrey Epstein's brother doesn't believe he died by suicide, wants new investigation

  • 23/01/2024
Jeffrey Epstein's brother doesn't believe he died by suicide, wants new investigation
Photo credit: Getty Images

Jeffrey Epstein's brother has come forward saying he does not believe his brother committed suicide in jail.  

The night before Epstein flew back to New York in July of 2019, he called his younger brother Mark. The pair went close, but Mark Epstein says his brother had no inkling he was going to be arrested as he stepped off his jet at Teterboro in New Jersey.  

Barely a month later, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan Jail cell.  

His death came despite being under psychological observation at the time after a previous suicide attempt.  

This only added to the mystery around the Epstein case and the powerful figures who he befriended across the world. The drama of his story has also continued on through the trial and conviction of his confidante Ghislaine Maxwell.  

But for Mark Epstein, the biggest mystery is the circumstances of his brother's death.  

He has outwardly stated that he does not accept the justice department report that found jail officials guilty of negligence and misconduct and said it found no evidence that his death was anything but a suicide.  

“I would like a full investigation of his death. If you look at all the evidence, including the autopsy, the photographs of his body, the bullshit DOJ report that is filled with inaccuracies, you will never come up with the conclusion that this was a suicide – but based on what?” he said.

Epstein was not on suicide watch and was alone in his cell. Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Epstein that day were later charged with falsifying prison records. The charges were dropped soon after Maxwell was convicted in 2021.

Mark Epstein says he thinks another prisoner could have gotten into his brother's cell and killed him and that he's been told not all the cell doors were locked that night. But cellmates who had a view of Epstein's door say no one came in or out.  

A camera pointing at Epstein's door was not recording that night.  

Mark Epstein says it's obvious foul play was involved, with the Guardian reporting him stating "the question is, who killed him?"

The Epstein case is now slowly dying down following Maxwell's recent court case, and Mark claims he is not attempting to draw more attention the story but says he's "only concerned about the circumstances of my brothers' death".