New poll shows Nikki Haley could beat Joe Biden by more than Donald Trump ahead of Republican primary

A new poll from CBS shows Republican hopeful Nikki Haley would beat Joe Biden by even more than Donald Trump with the first vote for the party's nomination happening on Tuesday (NZ time).

Across Iowa, snowy highways are being cleared and cities are being made safe from dangerous ice.  

While they fight the cold weather, an even bigger fight for the Republican Presidential nomination looms.   

While Donald Trump has dominated the conversation, Nikki Haley has recently surged in popularity.  

Haley was once a Governor, before serving in Trump's White House as Ambassador to the UN.  

The new poll suggests she could win the Presidency by more votes than her former boss.  

In the hypothetical match-up between Trump and Biden, former President Trump is ahead by 2 percent, compared to Haley who would beat Biden by a bigger margin; 8 percent.  

It's ammunition for Haley to bring to rallies before tomorrow's caucuses.  

However, the harsh weather is hampering her ability to campaign and she missed a rally in Dubuque, Iowa.  

A supporter at the cancelled rally said "hopefully she can garner a lot of support at the Iowa caucuses".  

"I've always said the first female president is going to be a Republican. She's different, she's well composed, and I think she has a great mind for politics."  

Haley promotes traditional Republican policies; she is anti-abortion and tough on crime, immigration, and China.  

Her supporters see her as being free of the chaos that follows Trump everywhere.

"She is logical, rational, data-driven, and has the track record to show she can be the right president for the United States," a supporter said.  

To make that a reality, Haley will want a strong showing on Tuesday night which could be a tough ask against a formidable frontrunner, who's going to be hard to stop.