US President Joe Biden battles low approval ratings, questions over his age

The US state of Iowa is set to kick off election season with a bang on Tuesday.

Republicans are set to choose who they want to take on Joe Biden for the White House. 

But as President, Biden is battling low approval ratings and lingering questions over his age.

Newshub went along on the campaign trail on Saturday in Iowa.

The fresh air, farmland, and frozen roads of the American Midwest are a long way from Washington's halls of power.

And in a country of red states and blue ones, Iowa isn't completely entrenched in either camp.

This battleground state is one that voted for Barack Obama twice, then switched to Donald Trump for the next two elections.

It's a state Joe Biden may need to win, to retain the keys to the White House.

And that won't be easy.

Newshub asked a few locals what's the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the name 'Joe Biden'.

"Old," said one local.

"Dumb," another told Newshub.

"Old," said a third.

"He's definitely getting to that age where, you know, things are declining," a fourth said.

And it's a view shared by many across this country. 

A recent poll revealed almost 60 percent of people disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

The 81-year-old President is perceived as being too old for the highest office in the US.

Incapable, some say, of another four-year term, and Biden's public stumbles haven't helped either.

Passing historic legislation and managing a strong economy aren't enough to change voter's minds. 

Republicans are already choosing the man, or woman, they plan to replace Biden with.

Next week, Republicans in Iowa will cast their vote for the candidate they want to be the party's presidential nominee.

Iowa is the first state to do so.

While there are still a number of candidates in this race, there's one hot favourite.

"Some people call them prisoners, I call them hostages. Release the J6 (January 6) hostages Joe," said Donald Trump at one of his campaign rallies.

Trump is expected to win big in Iowa, and then romp to victory in New Hampshire a week later. 

He's the biggest threat facing Biden - who claims he's ready for the rematch.

"Donald Trump's campaign is about him, not America. The same exact language, used in Nazi Germany," said Biden.

"What a sick..." he trailed off.

In the depths of a blizzard believed to be the worst in years, Republicans will start voting on Monday night US time.

Watching on from Washington will be a President under pressure to keep his job.