People mock Australian parents angered over all-boys school's decision to become co-ed

Parents of students and former pupils stood outside the school gates and protested.
Parents of students and former pupils stood outside the school gates and protested. Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald

People are mocking frustrated parents and former students of an Australian boys' school, after protesting the school's "woke" decision to accept girls.

It comes three months after Sydney's Newington College announced it would start accepting girls into kindergarten and Year 5 from 2026. 

Parents stood outside the school's gates on Wednesday, with several saying the move was endangering their own masculinity. 

Footage of interviews with the angry parents went viral online, attracting more than three million views on Twitter/X.

"It's all part of this sort of woke, toxic masculinity type palaver," one man said. 

"I'm an old boy of the school, and my son is also an old boy," another added, on the brink of tears.  "The intention was always that I'd have a grandson, but I won't bring him to a co-ed school." 

One woman at the protest was upset the school hadn't notified parents on the decision. 

"We are protesting against the school's decision to not notify the parents, and gag the parents and the students from having a free voice to be heard about the school and the headmaster's decision to make the school co-ed," she said.  

People took to the comments to make fun of the protesters, with several laughing at their reaction.

"That was painful listening to those man babies," one woman wrote. 

"What pathetic, privileged, entitled, misogynists," another commented.

"My old school could turn into a plaster painting facility and I couldn't care less. Man babies," a third added. 

Others explained the benefits of a co-ed school for students. 

"Join the real world. Boys and girls should interact! It's the best way for boys and girls to learn respect for each other and be able to enter an adult world free of misogyny," said one woman. 

"I went to an all-boys school and it was incredibly traumatising and impacts my relationships with men to this very day. Single sex schooling shouldn't exist, anywhere in the world. The school has made a great decision," one man wrote.

Others commented on the man crying, with one calling him "dramatic".

"Imagine being in tears over this," one person wrote. "It's not that deep." 

"Imagine crying because your grandson might see a girl," said another.