Timeline of alleged Sydney killer cop's movements reveals chilling new details

The search for two men allegedly murdered by a police officer has been narrowed to a remote area south of Sydney.

The development comes as police piece together a timeline of events.

They've revealed Jessie Baird's phone briefly called police four minutes after neighbours heard shots being fired, but the call quickly disconnected.

A timeline of events has revealed chilling new developments in the investigation.

Monday, February 19

Around 9:50am neighbours heard gunshots coming from TV presenter Jesse Baird's house. At 9:54am Baird's phone made a call to Police. They say no words were spoken, nothing was heard, and that the phone call was quickly disconnected.

Later that evening, serving New South Wales police officer Beau Lamarre hired a white van. It's seen on CCTV arriving at Baird's Paddington property. Police will allege he was there to remove Baird's and partner Luke Davies' bodies. 

Tuesday, February 20 

Baird's housemates receive text messages from his phone telling them he's returning to Perth. He asks them to sell his furniture, put the rest in storage, and take the money out for bond. 

Wednesday, February 21

Around 11am a worker finds bloodied clothes, keys and credit cards in a skip bin in Cronulla. This leads police to Baird's home where they discover large amounts of blood, declare a crime scene, and realise the pair are missing.

By this point, their alleged killer is already making moves to cover his tracks.

He picks up a longtime female friend in the hired white van and they drive to an area two hours south of Sydney called Bungonia. It's here Lamarre buys a portable angle grinder and padlock. He drives them to a private property on Hazleton Road and uses the grinder to sever the padlock. His female friend says she is left at the gate while he disappears for 30 minutes. When he returns, he replaces the lock and they drive back to Sydney.

Police believe the female friend was an innocent accomplice, that she didn't know there were possibly two bodies in the back, or what Lamarre's motives for the trip were.

At 11pm Lamarre purchases weights from a department store. Police allege he became suspicious his female friend was aware of what he had done that day and he drives back to Bungonia. It's believed he returned to the bodies and relocated them. 

Thursday, February 22 

Police believe Lamarre-Condon doesn't leave the area until 4:30am.

He spends most of his day in Sydney, then drives north to Newcastle. He meets with a second friend around 8:30pm and asks to borrow his hose to wash the van. 

Friday, February 23 

Lamarre leaves Newcastle around 5am, arriving at his uncle's house in Sydney around 6:15am. They leave together and drive to Bondi Police Station where he hands himself in. He is charged with two counts of murder, but police say he isn't cooperating with investigations. 

Sunday, February 25

Police reveal they are aware of his movements in Bungonia and narrow their search to dams on the rural property. A dive squad is seen searching for clues.