Donald Trump 'merchandise' sales booming ahead of US election

Ahead of the US election, Donald Trump merchandise sales are booming.

Across the US, entrepreneurs are doing their best to cash in on the candidate ahead of the November election.

A church in Boones Mill, a town in Virginia, has been turned into a place of worship, not for any god but instead the former president - selling all kinds of merchandise.

Ironically, it was a 'message from above' that inspired the Trump Store.

A few years back store founder Whitey Taylor prayed to find purpose.

"He said 'what's God telling ya?' and I said 'well he came up in my spirit and he wants me to help Donald Trump'."

Taylor's now selling beach towels, teddy bears, hats, badges, ice cream and often cheeky bits of memorabilia. 

One of the most popular offerings is a pair of steel testicles dubbed 'Trump's balls'.

Taylor told Newshub they weigh about two pounds.

"We've sold all that we can get of these. I'm heading back to Texas to pick up a load of balls," he said.

It's often crude, sometimes rude, but customers seem to love it.

"Perfectly lovely in every sense of the word," one smiling customer said.

Taylor started by selling 1000 T-shirts at Trump rallies across the US.

At the time, his son thought he was nuts.

"He said 'you know how crazy you get, just get 100'," Taylor said.

"I said 'go big or go home, boy. If God's really telling us this' I said 'we'll sell every damn one of them, if not we'll throw them in the trash can and leave'."

But they did just that - they sold "every damn one of them".

In fact, it's understood some customers are converts who voted against Trump but have now changed their views. 

"They're just like 'we love it, we love being here, this is the most amazing thing we've ever seen'," salesperson Paula said.

To many in the town, Trump is no sexual abuser, business fraud, election interferer or document thief.

"I think he's a Christian man and I know sometimes he doesn't say the nicest of things but we're not electing him to be a Sunday school teacher," one customer said.