Former US President Donald Trump says he will send migrants back to where they came from

The ongoing migrant crisis in the United States is being labelled as both "infuriating" and "increasingly desperate".  

Last year it's estimated more than 2.5 million migrants entered America. 

They are now spread across the country - often hungry, and cold, but former US President Donald Trump has a plan. 

"They are poisoning the blood of our country, that's what they have done," Trump said, referring to the migrants. 

Some have come with suitcases, while others were just wearing small backpacks. 

They came chasing the 'American dream', but for many, this is an 'American nightmare'.  

"Food, problem. Sleeping, problem. Problem, problem, problem America," one migrant stressed. 

In recent weeks, Newshub has watched first-hand the struggles, of the newest New Yorkers. 

They lined up at foodbanks in the freezing snow, or at Manhattan Park for donuts and hot coffee. 

"People are incredibly desperate for help. People here are some of the neediest in the city, they have nothing other than what they are carrying on their backs," volunteer Mina Mattes told Newshub. 

Last year, US officials were confronted by 2.5 million migrants crossing the southern border. 

They've travelled from Mexico, South America, China, and Africa - often fleeing war, prosecution and crisis. 

They mostly end up in Texas, a state that has now bused 100,000 migrants to other cities to lessen its own burden.  

If they're lucky they then end up in purpose-built shelters. If not, they ride the subway just to keep warm. 

All through places like Chicago, Washington, and in New York, migrants are dispersed throughout the cities. 

And Trump says he's going to send them back to where they came from. 

"They are destroying the blood of our country, they are destroying the fabric of our country. We are going to have to get them out," Trump said.  

It's expected that if elected, Trump will enact a mass deportation programme. 

Reporting suggests migrants will be detained in camps waiting to be expelled from America. 

While Trump's plan might seem drastic - volunteers aren't thrilled with either candidate ahead of the US election. 

"Both parties are really dropping the ball here. I hope that any audience, particularly one that is not an American audience, will look at this and see a complete failure of both issues," Mattes told Newshub. 

"Trump will be bad, but Biden has already been pretty bad." 

Earlier this week, the President and his predecessor both visited the US border separately.  

A chance to show Americans that they are the best person to control an issue, that's clearly out of control. 

The earliest Donald Trump could secure the delegation is March 12.