Friend of murdered Sydney man Luke Davies accuses Mardi Gras anti-police protesters of 'hijacking national tragedy'

  • 05/03/2024

A friend of murdered Sydney man Luke Davies is accusing anti-police protesters of "hijacking a national tragedy" during the city's Mardi Gras festival.

It comes after police were originally banned from the festival after serving cop, Beau Lamarre-Condon, was arrested for allegedly killing Davies and his partner Jesse Baird last month.

A demonstration shut down a major intersection in Sydney on Friday night as about 100 protesters chanted "too many coppers, not enough justice".

Pride in Protest mentioned the couple, demanding "an end to police violence".

But Davies' friend Dean Bailey told ABC's 7.30 programme banning police from the festival was "a knee-jerk reaction to a small vocal group".

"We found it a bit hurtful that they [protesters] were trying to use Lukey as a reason [to push their agenda]," he said.

"Don't do it in Luke's name because you're tarnishing Luke's legacy and it's something Luke wouldn't have wanted."

Bailey said he had no animosity towards police following the death of his mate.

"I don't think one [alleged] bad apple should taint the whole police force.

"For the most part the police are out to help us and they are on our side."

Bailey added that it was NSW Police who searched for his friend, found his body and were working to solve the case.

Mardi Gras decided to allow LGBTIQ police officers to march in the event but not in uniform.

Lamarre-Condon is currently at Silverwater Prison awaiting his court date.