Joe Biden slammed after devastating poll results

President Joe Biden is facing more criticism on Monday night - after another devastating poll.

The national survey found a growing number of voters find him both "ineffective" and "old".

Even some people in Biden's home state are questioning his viability, eight months out from an election.

In Delaware, Biden's name is plastered "all over" the state.

His name is seen at the Biden welcome centre, the Joe Biden Railway Station, and it's even splashed across rural farm sheds.

But in the state the President has called home for 70 years - locals admit they are worried.

"That's how worried I am, I cannot sleep," one woman said.

November is when Biden is set to take on former US President Donald Trump, who they say doesn't share Biden's morals.

"He's a man of honour, he's a man of trust," she said.

Some people Newshub met today couldn't even bring themselves to use the name of Biden's predecessor and likely rival.

"If Joe does lose, and we get the other person in office, we are done. The world is done," one man exclaimed.

Rehoboth Beach seems to be a long way away from political apocalypse.

It's where the Biden's come for their holidays, where they own a beach house.

But as Newshub found out, being locals doesn't mean everyone here supports their famous neighbour.

"This guy has been in politics for nearly 50 years, and has basically done nothing," one man told Newshub.

This race for the White House is starting to accelerate - with both Presidents cautious of crashing out.

Voters that Newshub spoke to in Biden's home state seemed split on whether they will vote for him.

However, it's not just Delaware Biden needs help from to get back in the White House, it's the 49 other states too.

That's proving problematic so far, for those who believe the polls.

A recent poll from the New York Times has found 47 percent of Americans 'strongly disagree' Biden's doing a good job.

The same survey found 73 percent somewhat, or strongly believe Biden is too old to be effective.

Despite that, Trump has his senior moments too, where he confused Biden for Barack Obama on Monday.

"Putin has so little respect for Obama that he's starting to throw around the nuclear word. You hear that? Nuclear," Trump said.

It's a word that Democrats might use to describe a volatile Trump - a man it seems is gaining support by the day - or perhaps it's Biden losing it.