Kiwi dad who died in fiery Queensland crash remembered as 'selfless, generous and so caring'

Daniel Stuart has been identified as one of the three people who died in the crash.
Daniel Stuart has been identified as one of the three people who died in the crash. Photo credit: GoFundMe

A selfless Kiwi dad has been identified as one of the people who was killed in a fiery crash on a major highway in Queensland, Australia.  

Daniel Stuart was one of the drivers in a horror crash involving two trucks, a ute and a caravan trailer at Maryborough West around 10pm on Friday. 

Three people died in the crash and another three were hospitalised.  

Stuart has been identified as one of the victims and his family has launched a GoFundMe page to help support his wife, Betty.  

Stuart is described in the fundraiser as "an amazing man" who is "selfless, generous and so caring".  

It goes on to say his death "has impacted our whanau drastically, a light that will never be filled".  

The fundraiser is for his wife who has breast cancer. 

"My Nani who is currently battling breast cancer and caring for my great grandparents has now been left without her main income provider and also has the stress of needing to find a new rural property to rent within the next 6 weeks." 

So far more than A$10,000 has been raised for the family.  

Stuart was driving a truck full of lithium batteries at the time of the crash which immediately burst into flames. This has made formally identifying him difficult and means DNA testing may be needed – which could take several weeks. 

However, his wife Betty told 7News they're pleading with authorities for this to be accelerated so they can bring him home to grieve.  

"All I've got of him is his dirty shirt that I can smell his aftershave, and he’s not here," she told the outlet.  

"He needs to be here ... so our grandchildren can sit around his coffin."