UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak blasts media, says Princess Kate 'unfairly treated'

  • 23/03/2024

The UK's Prime Minister on Saturday has blasted both the news and social media for the "intense scrutiny" of Princess Kate and how she's been "unfairly treated".

Catherine, the 42-year-old Princess of Wales, revealed she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer on Saturday morning (NZ time). She did not specify which form of cancer.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak later posted a message on X/Twitter, saying Princess Kate has the "love and support of the whole country", before jumping on the attack. 

"She has shown tremendous bravery with her statement today. In recent weeks she has been subjected to intense scrutiny and has been unfairly treated by certain sections of the media around the world and on social media." 

Sunak wrote Princess Kate "must be afforded the privacy" when it comes to health matters. 

"I know I speak for the whole country in wishing her a full and speedy recovery." 

UK opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer also offered support to the Princess. 

"Her Royal Highness will be in our thoughts and prayers as she progresses through her treatment with the love and support of not just her whole family, but the whole nation too." 

Other world leaders have also chimed in, including New Zealand's own. 

"We are incredibly sad to hear of the news," said White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre. 

"I know Kiwis across the world will be wishing her well in her recovery," New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon wrote.