Sydney stabbing killer Joel Cauchi's worrying social media posts emerge after attack

  • 14/04/2024

The worrying social media posts of the man behind a stabbing attack at a Sydney mall on Saturday are emerging.

Joel Cauchi, 40, has been named as the man who killed six people in Bondi Junction Westfield, including mum Ash Good, 38, whose baby daughter was also stabbed in the attack.

More people were injured in the attack, with video footage showing Cauchi chasing victims with the knife.

Now, chilling social media posts reveal dark overtones.

The December 2020 post Joel Cauchi made to the outdoor adventure group.
The December 2020 post Joel Cauchi made to the outdoor adventure group. Photo credit: Facebook via

"Hi I am looking for groups of people who shoot guns, including handguns, to meet up with, chat with and get to know. Please send me a DM if you can help me out! I live in Brisbane by the way," he wrote in a December 2020 post.

Commenters have been quick to jump online following his naming, with one person saying "thank goodness you didn't get your hands on a gun... the devastation you have caused is horrible enough".

Other posts, including one just six days ago, show he had an interest in meeting new people.

"Hi I am surfing Bondi this afternoon if anyone wants to meet there for a surf!" a recent post said.

"Hi, I live in Sydney and am looking for people that I can rideshare with, pay for some fuel and stay at some interesting places reasonably close to Sydney together," another post said.

On other occasions, he was seeking to learn to speak Swedish and also wrote to an amateur astronomy and astrophotography page to ask if he could join any upcoming trips.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has reported the attacker had profiles on various escort websites, where he offered services for both men and women. 

The outlet said he was listed on several male escort websites, including Australia Cracker, Empire Escorts and Escorts Australia. All websites allow users to upload their own pictures and solicit their own sexual services.