Thousands evacuated after record amount of rainfall in New South Wales

Sydney has been battered by torrential rain with thousands evacuated and dozens rescued.

Rainfall records were broken and even though the weather has cleared, there's still a major threat to lives.

Marcus Aun was bathed in sunshine - but very much in danger. Stranded with floodwaters coming up around him, his only lifeline was two men in a raft.

By the time they reached him, he was clinging to the roof of his machine - but hauled into safety.

The farmer was on a rescue mission of his very own - two cows, stranded in the middle of the floodwaters.

It's the aftermath of 24 hours of torrential downpours, and a record amount of rainfall in New South Wales.

"They said it rose about two metres in an hour and that's why everyone was caught off guard," one person told Newshub.

And with that came a worrying number of rescues to save lives.

"We've had 152 across the state. Again very dangerous floodwaters," New South Wales State Emergency Service Commissioner Carlene York said.

The rain had cleared by the morning but they call this blue-sky flooding. The mammoth Warragamba Dam is now spilling into the rivers below.

"It's important to note that flood levels in some of the rivers, particularly in western Sydney, are continuing to rise - and that presents a real danger for some communities," NSW Premier Chris Minns said. 

They have time on their side to evacuate. But this is the seventh time it has happened in recent years.

And each time it does, they're reminded that they're no match for Mother Nature.