Unlikely friends, Molly the magpie and Peggy the staffy, to reunite in Queensland

Best friends Molly the magpie and Peggy the staffy will be reunited at last. 

The unlikely duo stole the hearts of millions around the world.   

But ever since they were separated by authorities, with Molly taken away over a permit issue, there's been mounting pressure on the Queensland government to reunite the pair.   

And it worked. Soon they'll be back where they belong - together.   

For 40 long days and nights, Peggy had been without her mate Molly the magpie.  

"It breaks our heart every day to think that Molly's lost, feeling alone, confused as we all are," owner Juliette Wells said. 

Ever since paw touched claw four years ago, the pair have had an unbreakable bond.   

Molly even learned to speak Peggy's language - barking.   

But this strange love story recently came to an end when Molly was seized by the authorities.   

"We've been assured he's happy, healthy, singing and everything like that but we haven't actually seen for ourselves," Wells said. 

Molly was rescued as a chick when she fell from a nest and taken into the Gold Coast home. 

But authorities alleged Molly was illegally taken from the wild and kept without a permit.   

"We've been through the carers permit, already got that, I've already done that and so hopefully we can reinstate that and then move forward from there," owner Reese Mortenson said. 

In the past 24 hours, they received a personal phone call from the Premier.   

"We have identified a pathway for them to secure an appropriate permit so that Molly can be returned home," Queensland Premier Steven Miles said. 

"I know that that will come as good news to the thousands of people who comment on my Facebook page everyday calling on me to free Molly." 

Now, it's only a matter of time until they're back together.   

"Our hearts are really happy right now," Wells said. 

And you can guarantee, if Molly and Peggy could speak our language, they'd say that too.