Person dies after falling into running aircraft engine at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Photo credit: Getty

A person died after ending up in a running aircraft engine at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, Dutch airline KLM (AIRF.PA) said on Wednesday.

Dutch media had reported, on the incident earlier on Wednesday, while the Dutch military police, Marechaussee, said in a tweet it was running an investigation.

The investigation has not yet identified who the person was, a Marechaussee spokesperson told Reuters.

The spokesperson added that it was too early to say whether this was an "incident", or a form of suicide. He added that all passengers and crew, who will be important witnesses to the investigation, had safely left the plane.

KLM, which is part of France-KLM (AIRF.PA), also said in a statement it was investigating the event.