Sydney police officer Amy Scott who shot Bondi Junction killer honoured with bravery award

The heroic police officer who brought a stabbing rampage to an end inside a Sydney mall has been honoured for her bravery. 

Inspector Amy Scott shot and killed Joel Cauchi, who killed six people, and on Friday she was publicly commended for her actions.  

Single-handedly confronting a killer - it was an act of bravery so heroic that today, in front of her peers, politicians and family, Insp Scott was singled out for her courage.

"I have mixed emotions being here today," she said.

"It was quite a traumatic day for everyone involved."

Her actions on April 13 saved innocent lives as Cauchi went on a stabbing rampage inside Westfield Bondi Junction.

Cauchi had killed six people by the time Insp Scott came face-to-face with him on the fifth floor. She ended his killing spree with a bullet to the chest.

"At the end of the day, it came down to my training. Stop the killing - stop the dying," said Insp Scott.

She was commended by many in the days that followed, but no one has seen or heard from her until today.

"End of the day we are ordinary people that are sometimes called upon to do extraordinary things," she admitted.

With a salute and formal acknowledgment from New South Wales' top cop, the 39-year-old officer was honoured with a Bravery Award.

"I hope I am not defined by one incident in my career."

One that's so far spanned 19 years. And she has no plans to stop protecting innocent lives.