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Watch: Two alligator gar were fished out of Baiyun Lake.

Chinese park warns visitors not to swim after bizarre creature spotted

Witnesses said the sharp-toothed 'alligator gar' was up to 2m long.

Watch: The historic moment Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un.

'Parallel universe': A Kiwi in North Korea

Mark Thomas discovered 'reality' means something different under an oppressive regime.

A North Korean men's fashion catalogue.

North Korea releases edible clothing to 'avoid starvation'

An innovative fashion catalogue has provided a glimpse into the reclusive nation.

Alcohol usually isn't good for you, but sometimes...

Beer saves man with alcohol poisoning

Doctors quickly realised beer would distract his liver from the methanol.


Malaysia blacklists imports of non-recyclable plastic waste

New Zealand's one of the countries shipping waste overseas.

A proposed design for CUBO.

House that takes four hours to build wins big prize

Could this help with New Zealand's housing crisis?

The number of charges for the use and supply of methamphetamine is at a 10-year high.

Asian crime gang busted with over 1kg meth

Police believe they have captured the head of a major crime syndicate.


Ardern announces 172 Asia scholarship winners

She said the scholarships provide 'ongoing relationships and new business opportunities.'


Sri Lanka parliament erupts into brawl

Footage shows pushing and shoving.

Watch: When Kim Jong-un met Donald Trump.

Kim Jong-un's first official portrait unveiled

The painting symbolises a move towards his ancestors' leadership styles.

Photo Taken In Thailand, Bangkok

How young backpacker escaped Thai kidnapping

The 22-year-old found herself in a dangerous situation with few options.


Ross, Bridges told us what NZ politicians really think about Asian MPs

Their casual ethnic calculations are the latest example of our marginalisation, writes Sudhvir Singh.

Watch: A Rotorua hotel is defending the city after being left off Cuisine's top restaurants list.

Couple wake to $87k debt after drunkenly buying hotel

The newlyweds were still tipsy as they signed the paperwork the next day.


New doco traces MH370's final moments

The producers were granted unprecedented access into the investigation.


MH370 pilot's 'self-destructive' behaviour before final flight

"If a Qantas pilot did something like that, he would be spoken to and grounded."


More devastation as Typhoon Mangkhut sweeps through China

Trees were uprooted and skyscrapers swayed in hurricane-force winds.

Workers prepare for the typhoon's arrival.

Three killed as typhoon swipes Philippines

More than 5 million people are at risk from Typhoon Mangkhut.

Vietnam's Trade and Industry Minister Tran Tuan Anh speaks at the third Inter-sessional Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Ministerial Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam May 22, 2017.

World's 'biggest trade pact' involving NZ almost closed

The US isn't involved because of its trade spat with China.

Two men were seen begging at a Phuket marketplace.

Western backpackers spotted begging Thai people to fund travels

It's the latest example of a phenomenon known as 'begpacking'.

Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Internet must be 'clean and righteous' - Chinese President

China has been tightening controls over internet content in an effort to maintain social stability.