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Eighteen divers have entered the Tham Luang cave complex.

Thai cave rescue mission officially underway

Eighteen divers have entered the caves to rescue the stranded boys.

Rohingya muslims fleeing Myanmar.

Doctors' report confirms horrific violence committed against Rohingya

Fleeing Rohingya muslims were shot, hacked and wounded by explosives.


Missing boys' football team found alive in Thailand cave

The group has been trapped for nine days.

Asia - it's big, but how much do you know about it?

Quiz: How well do you know Asia?

Kiwis fared badly in a recent survey - think you can do better?

The Asia New Zealand Foundation has found more than half of people under 30 don't know much about Asia.

Young Kiwis don't know much about Asia - survey

More than half of people under 30 answered just one question correctly, or got them all wrong.

From hedonistic nightclubs to serene temples, here's what to do with 24 hours in the Thai capital.

One night in Bangkok: Five things you have to do

From hedonistic nightclubs to serene temples, here's what to do with 24 hours in the Thai capital.

Westerners are going to the toilet the wrong way.

The Kiwi invention teaching us how to use the toilet

Lillipad claims it has the solution to put a halt to the Western world's haemorrhoid problem.


India approves death penalty for child rapists

The law change comes after an eight-year-old girl was raped and murdered.

The Indonesian capital is sinking by up to 25cm per year in some parts - faster than any other city in the world.

The Asian city that could be underwater within a decade

It's sinking by up to 25cm every year, and will have to fork out billions to protect its 10 million residents.

At least 37 people have been killed in the blaze.

Dozens dead and missing in Siberian mall fire

At least 40 children and a zoo full of animals are among the missing or dead.

Witnesses told local media the tiger had been cooling off in a watering hole when the bears arrived.

Ferocious fight between bear and tiger caught on camera

Which animal won the fight might surprise you.

The worst sexting fails have been compiled by Bored Panda.

Are these the worst sexting fails you have seen?

A person was asked what their favourite position was, they said CEO.

The 26-year-old freestyle skier and his boyfriend shared pictures of their new dog Beemo on Instagram.

Olympic skier rescues puppy from South Korean dog farm

He also brought home a family of stray dogs from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

An offending article published by top selling Malay-language daily, Sinar Harian pointed out how to identify gay and lesbian people.

Article on how to spot LGBT people sparks outrage

The piece included a bullet point list giving tips on how to identify gays or lesbians.

At least 18 people have been killed in a double-decker bus crash in rural Hong Kong.

At least 18 killed in Hong Kong bus crash

Almost 50 other passengers were injured in the high-speed accident.


Mass graves of Rohingya Muslims found in Myanmar

It's more evidence of what the UN calls a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing".

One of the messages.

Sex offender tried to lure Kiwi man onto yacht

Well-known conman Wayne Eaglesome appears to have offered a 26-year-old man $450,000 to spend five months with him and provide "services".

Rajesh Maru, 32, was accompanying an elderly relative for an MRI scan when he was sucked into the machine.

Man dies after being sucked into MRI machine

He was carrying a metal oxygen cylinder that was pulled by the machine's magnetic field.

The Philippines has raised the alert level at its rumbling Mayon volcano to "level 3".

Philippines raises alert on Mayon volcano

This coms as a magnitude 5.1 quake hit off Philippines' Luzon island.

A barber uses a shaver to clean the eyelid of his customer, as a part of his hair shaving service.

Eyelid shaving gaining popularity in China

"My eyes feel refreshed after shaving and I feel comfortable."