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Aaron Cockman's four children died in Margaret River at the hands of their grandfather.

Margaret River shooting could've been avoided - father

Aaron Cockman says if a court order wasn't ignored, his four kids might still be alive.

A Melbourne man found a safety pin and hair in his KFC order.

Man's disgusting discovery inside KFC order

"Are two of your secret herbs and spices safety pins and hair?"

Ms McIntyre Clere told The AM Show tales of shooters going out in the dark across Australia and shooting kangaroos when they're out at night

Australia's kangaroos facing 'largest wildlife massacre in the world'

Kiwi director of new doco says people have no idea what really goes on with the iconic animal.

Three of Australia's top-ranked pro eaters have smashed through 16kg of food in just 39 minutes.

Australia's top pro eaters smash 16kg of food in 39 minutes

Beef, mac'n'cheese, bacon, fried chicken, fries, and brisket were all on the menu.

So far Oliver and his managed to distribute 50 coats but the goal is to give away 100 by the end of the month.

Inventive 10yo starts project giving coats to homeless

So far Oliver and his mum have distributed 50 coats around Australia.

It's looking at Sydney or Melbourne to test its prototype.

Uber plans flying car trials in Australia

It's looking at Sydney or Melbourne to test its prototype.

Students dress in racist 'politically incorrect' costumes

Students dress as KKK members and 'cotton picking' slave in black face

The 'politically incorrect' party is being investigated by the school.

Nazi flag

Australian troops caught flying Nazi flag

The defence force said it was a "twisted joke", and the soldiers didn't have Nazi sympathies.

They fear the culprit will return again.

Couple's honeymoon ruined by callous crime

They fear the culprit will return again.

New Zealand ranks below Egypt, China and Myanmar for perceived safety in a worldwide poll.

Egypt and Rwanda safer than NZ - survey

New Zealand ranks below Egypt, China and Myanmar for perceived safety in a worldwide poll.

Energy drinks

Teen dies after drinking energy drink-based cocktail recipe she found online

Her blood alcohol content was 0.4.

Australia and Pacific

Incredible footage as giant humpback whale leaps out of water

Those watching on labelled it the "experience of a lifetime".

SAN FRANCISCO - FEBRUARY 09:  A sign stands outside of a McDonald's restaurant February 9, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Fast food chain restaurant McDonald's reported a 7.1 percent increase in same store sales for January as people look towards cheaper food alternatives in the weakening economy.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Aussie Maccas slammed for locking toilets

Customers were forced to buy food before being granted access.

Charlie Quinlan claims to know where 10 bodies are buried.

Ex-underworld figure says he'll reveal secrets to police

He claims to know where 10 bodies are buried.

Police at the scene of the child's death in Carlington, Sydney.

Man turned away from psych ward before allegedly stabbing son

The Sydney father had tried to seek mental health treatment before his child's death.

University of Queensland bans 'gendered language'.

'Gendered language' banned at Australian universities

The decision is causing students to lose marks.

Father sacrifices his life in heroic plane crash landing.

Father sacrifices his life in plane crash landing

He avoided nearby houses in a heroic move.

Great-grandfather stands his ground during gas station robbery.

Gunman shoots, attendant still refuses to hand over cash

The robber left without a cent.


Australia prepares to fight off election hackers

Australia has established a security task force to guard against cyber attacks and interference.

Australia and Pacific

Cruel practice of debarking still occurring in Australia

An Australian vet believes the harmful practice of dog debarking may not be a thing of the past.