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The former league star told The AM Show the New Zealand Government should push back against Australia.

'It's tough': Richie Barnett on his role mentoring deported Kiwis

The former league star says the Government should push back against Australia.

GNS volcanologist Brad Scott says this Rotorua sinkhole is the biggest he has seen.

Sinkhole swallows up beach at tourist hotspot

The massive cavity opened up overnight.

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NZ needs to 'calm down' about needles - strawberry grower

"I think we're panicking... we're a bit smarter than our cousins in Australia."

Watch: New $24 million pilot scheme launched for disability support.

The shocking reason this Aussie was denied Eiffel Tower access

"I've never felt more disabled in my life than these type of moments."

Needles found in New Zealand strawberries could put growers' livelihoods in jeopardy.

Strawberry industry fears consumer backlash

Needles found in NZ strawberries could put growers' livelihoods in jeopardy.

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Whitsundays locals kill sharks after Kiwi was mauled

Authorities don't know if the sharks killed were responsible for the attacks.

James Ricketson.

Aussie filmmaker pardoned, but still getting deported from Cambodia

James Ricketson was jailed after he flew a drone over a political rally while shooting a documentary.

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Review: Ladies in Black a delightful and funny Aussie story

Julie Ormond and Angourie Rice provide excellent performances.

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Pink gets her own slab of personalised VB beer

She was a big fan of the Australian beer during her tour.

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Australian man arrested over emu attack

A video showed him mowing down a group of emus with his car.

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Kiwi athletes ready for World Transplant Games

Newshub spoke to some of the keen contenders.

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Fugitive Simone Wright arrested in Australia

NZ Police had an outstanding warrant for her arrest in relation to drugs, indecent assault, fraud and theft.

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Watch: Paramedics' desperate dash to Kiwi girl attacked by shark

The girl is currently in hospital in critical condition.

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Kiwi girl fighting for life after Queensland shark attack

She was on holiday with her father and sister when the attack happened.

The three Australian football players.

Aussie athletes wear blackface to dress as Serena Williams

The players were celebrating Mad Monday.

Police this week arrested a young boy in relation to needles found in strawberries.

Aussie Woolworths to pull sewing needles from shelves

"The safety of our customers is our top priority."

Video shows just how bad this crisis has impacted strawberry farmers.

Young boy arrested in relation to needles in Australian strawberries

The act has cost the local fruit industry millions.

Four full shot glasses of vodka on a wooden table, one in hand.

Alcohol brands pulled from Australian shelves

It's believed they could be chemically contaminated.

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Heartbreaking reality of strawberry needle crisis captured in video

The daughter of a fruit farmer says it's "the worst thing to ever happen to my family".

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Aussie fruit crisis: Mum 'horrified' after finding needle in apple

She was making lunch for her children at the time.