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'Cop Kong' took matters into her own hands.

Perth woman dresses as gorilla to catch serial flasher

'Cop Kong' went to extreme measures to keep her neighbourhood safe.

Nara Walker

Friends desperate to free Aussie woman who bit husband's tongue off

Nara Walker, who was jailed in Iceland, claims her ex-husband was abusive.

Investigators are searching for a man who took women's bras and undies from a laundromat.

Underwear thief caught on camera stealing from laundromat

Police are searching for a man who took women's bras and undies.

Pittwater Road.

Australian fined $850 for sneaking into car yard and pooing in ute

She was forced by police to clean up her dirty deed.

Tensions between activists and the farming community have boiled over.

Aussie farmer fires shotgun during face-off with vegans

Tensions between activists and the farming community have boiled over.

Australia and Pacific

Australian band says music scene is better here

Lime Cordiale are touring the country to promote their new song.

Australia and Pacific

Australian senator sorry for smearing blood on Pauline Hanson's door

The retaliation came after a scuffle in the halls of parliament.

Australia and Pacific

Vets should do more to discourage flat-faced dog breeds

Pugs and bulldogs are bred to encourage facial deformities, writes Paul McGreevy and Anne Fawcett.

Watch; Two men are missing as floods swamp Townsville, Queensland

A 60km-wide 'mega river' has opened up in Australia

Two weeks ago, the huge flood plain didn't exist. Now it can be seen from space.

Watch: Newshub's 2018 series Stand Strong NZ shone a light on classroom bullying.

'God, just take me': Bullied 7yo's devastating 'suicide' note to teacher

It was written after a classmate stabbed him in the back with a fork.

The two women took goods from multiple boxes.

'It was greed, not need': Kiwi's anger as women steal from her charity

Video shows the thieves at work.

Australia and Pacific

Where to see vivid sunsets brought on by Australian dust cloud

New Zealand is getting a Valentine's Day treat.

Ambulances responded to almost 100 calls when a huge dust storm blanketed parts of Australia in late 2018.

Gigantic Aussie dust cloud making its way to NZ

Parts of the country have been warned to be on the lookout.

Australia and Pacific

Aussie mum discovers her headache is a terminal illness

Bec Lancaster-Scully's innocuous visit to the doctor brought devastating news.

Watch: Australian 8-year-old boy pulls off perfect safety briefing on Jetstar flight.

Woman claims Jetstar air hostess 'slut-shamed' her

The airline gave her a $50 voucher for not providing "the level of service we would like".

Australia and Pacific

'Mysterious shark' floating in tank found in abandoned Australian wildlife park

The park was closed in 2012 after failing to comply with the wildlife act.

Karl Waters was left with deep lacerations to his arm after the attack while spearfishing on Sunday.

Kiwi's lucky escape after shark attack in remote Australian waters

Karl Waters was left with deep lacerations to his arm.

What things are more likely to happen than winning the Lotto?

Aussie family win Lotto with late father's lucky numbers

"He passed away about two years ago, but we kept playing them to honour him."

Aucklanders share their disaster stories from public transport.

Fury at photo of elderly woman forced to stand on train

She was ignored by headphone-wearing passengers.

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Mum stranded six days in Aussie desert reveals what kept her alive

She came across a water source many wouldn't think of.