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Australia's treatment of deportees 'racist', deportees say

Kiwis are choosing to be deported rather than stay in Australia's inhumane detention centres.

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'What did we expect?': Jesse Mulligan's impassioned speech on the rise of gangs in NZ

"There is a connection between poverty and where people end up."

Lorry Cooper is regaining the use of his hand

Man has severed hand reattached after workplace accident

The 23-year-old is slowly learning how to use it again.

Mert Ney was filmed by bystanders after his alleged offences.

Sydney stabber-accused now faces new child abuse charges

Ney is accused of fatally stabbing a woman in August.

Authorities are trying to manage an outbreak of swine fever.

Visitor refused entry to Australia due to carrying uncooked meat

Authorities are trying to manage an outbreak of swine fever.

Watch: The jogger was caught on camera.

'Imagine our horror': Early morning defecating jogger exposed on Instagram

The "nimble young blonde" struck multiple times at the same Sydney location.

Remi Frances Millar

'Mini sumo wrestler': Mum gives birth to 5.88kg baby

"She's so much bigger than all the other newborns."

Jesse Vinaccia was found guilty in June.

Judge sheds tears in sentencing man who killed girlfriend's baby

The Australian man told police he "put him down in the cot a bit hard".

More than 100 spiders came out of the egg sac.

Watch: Dozens of venomous spiders clamber out of egg sac

The sight may send shivers down the spine of many people.

Maaka Hakiwai was allegedly killed over a hat.

'Pure evil': 18yo charged over fatal stabbing of Kiwi teen in Melbourne

Maaka Hakiwai was allegedly killed over a hat.

Watch: A report on the 2019 IPCC climate change report.

Activists call on All Blacks to drop sponsor AIG

The company is set to insure a massive coal mine.

Watch: The baby koala caught a ride on what it thought was its new mum.

Watch: Koala joey mistakes pet dog for its mum

The dog wasn't too convinced by its new furry passenger.

The aftermath of the attack.

Paramedic bashed during charity ride for child cancer

"This is not good enough, we need these people charged."

Jason Morrison discussed the events on The AM Show.

'Huge' shark rams Australian surfer, takes chunk out of surfboard

The shark's force threw the man into the air.

Related video: A mysterious and deadly fungal infection called Candida auris has caused concern throughout the world.

Warning as deadly fungus that can shrink human brains found in Australia

Poison Fire Coral Fungus can cause "horrifying" symptoms.

The man was seen celebrating after the incident.

'Disgraceful, pitiful': Video emerges of police officer stoning wombat to death

The footage shows the man stalking the helpless creature.

Related video: New Zealand will soon be paying more for their bread, due to Australian drought.

Settle the debate: Where do you keep your bread?

"Seriously! Who puts bread in the fridge?"

Members agreed to shut the charity down on Wednesday.

White Ribbon Australia shuts down

In February it was reported that the charity was almost $1 million in the red.

Eurydice Dixon, Jaymes Todd

Eurydice Dixon's rapist, killer appealing 35-year sentence

Todd raped and murdered the 22yo aspiring comedian in Melbourne last year.

According to an Australian professor, the environmental cost of pet ownership is significant.

Do we need to rethink our pets for the sake of the environment?

"The carbon footprint of a large dog is significant."