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Watch: Inside the Syrian refugee camp described as a breeding ground for Islamic State terrorists.

Syrian forces deployed near border with Turkey

It signals a major shift in alliances.

Watch: The Immigration Minister announces the Government's new refugee quota policy.

Race Relations Commissioner relieved National's 'racist' refugee policy dumped

"No one chooses to be a refugee."

Watch: Cameron Bagrie talks about the economic fallout of the Saudi Arabia strikes.

Gull confirms petrol prices rose overnight

The Saudi Arabia oil attack is causing price jumps worldwide.

The former refugee has called for a fairer quota in NZ.

Former refugee's emotional plea to abolish restriction on African and Middle Eastern refugees

"This policy was designed intentionally to keep people like me out."

Donald Trump

US takes down alleged Iranian drone

However, Iran says they haven't lost any drones.

What it's like spending a day in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Doha: A day in the capital of Qatar

What it's like spending 24 hours in the mind-blowing Middle Eastern metropolis.

Donald Trump, standing in front of a sign that says "end the iran deal"

Iran will defeat US, Israel, its Defence Minister claims

"Iran has the highest level of defence-military preparedness to confront any type of threat."

Middle East

The 5 best things to do in Doha

It's a great time to experience the jewel of the Middle East.

John Bolton.

United States deploys troops in warning to Iran

"We are fully prepared to respond to any attack."

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - APRIL 21: An inside view of the St. Anthony's Shrine after an explosion hit St Anthony's Church in Kochchikade in Colombo, Sri Lanka on April 21, 2019. According to reports at least 129 people killed and over 200 injured in blasts during the Easter Sunday service at churches and hotels as worshippers attended Easter services. (Photo by Chamila Karunarathne/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Persecution of Christians reaches genocide levels

Christianity is at risk of disappearing in the Middle East.

Jacinda Ardern addresses the nation after Christchurch terror attacks.

'I blame these attacks on Islamophobia': World leaders condemn NZ attacks

Political and religious leaders around the world have expressed disgust and sorrow at the deadly shooting at two mosques in Christchurch.

Dozens were killed in a Saudi airstrike last August in northern Yemen.

Girls as young as 3 being sold for food, shelter in Yemen - Oxfam

The UN Secretary-general said almost 10 million Yemeni people are "just one step away from famine".

Middle East

Former US intelligence officer charged for spying for Iran

The woman is accused of supplying classified documents to the Middle East country.

Middle East

United Arab Emirates gives all gender equality awards to men

The government's 'gender balance' medal ceremony was widely mocked on social media.

Middle East

Immigration probes 12 foreigners over weapons of mass destruction fears

A commentator warns New Zealand has become the target of nuclear countries.

Middle East

US, Turkey in war of words over Kurds

Turkey's president says the US has made a "serious mistake".

Watch: Pieces of Jamal Khashoggi's body were discovered in October.

Jamal Khashoggi's final words were 'I can't breathe' - source

A transcript of the journalist's final moments includes screams and the sounds of dismemberment.

NZ teachers are earning more money in the UAE than here.

Fed-up Kiwi teachers move to the Middle East

In the UAE, private teachers earn $60,000 a year tax free, and public school teachers can earn up to $96,000.

Oil prices are going up, NZ's dollar is weak, and more taxes are coming.

Petrol prices could get higher given 'perfect storm' of conditions - expert

Oil prices are going up, NZ's dollar is weak, and more taxes are coming.


Saudi Arabia considers canal to separate it from Qatar

Longer than the Hutt River, the channel would see Qatar become an island.