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US President Donald Trump quit the Iran nuclear deal earlier this year.

Iran accuses US of 'provoking' unrest in the Middle East

President Rouhani said the US will regret its "aggressiveness".

The aftermath of a bombing in Aden, Yemen, in 2016.

Spain to sell 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Groups have denounced Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia considers canal to separate it from Qatar

Longer than the Hutt River, the channel would see Qatar become an island.

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Iran says it has full control of Gulf

Tehran has suggested it could take military action in the Gulf to block other countries' oil exports in retaliation for US sanctions.

An Israel soldier stands next to a sign displaying distances to other cities.

Israel hands over eight-year-old Palestine mail

The backlog of post weighs more than 10 tonnes.

An Afghan police officer guards the site of the blast.

48 dead in Kabul tuition centre attack

Many of those dead are believe to have been studying for university entrance exams.

A Syrian child is freed from the wreckage.

Children among 39 dead in Syrian arms depot explosion

The blast took place at the rebel-held Idlib.

afghan flag

80 Afghan forces killed in Ghazni battle

The fightingcame after claims by the Afghan government it had made significant gains against the insurgents.

Palestine supporters waving flags.

Gaza fishing boats draw Israeli navy fire

The Gaza Health Ministry said there were no casualties reported.

Dozens are dead and more injured.

Saudi airstrike hits bus of children, killing dozens

The coalition said the strike was "legitimate", but there has been an international outcry.

Ahed Tamimi.

Palestinian protest icon freed from jail

Ahed Tamimi was filmed hitting Israeli soldiers last year.

Syria Israel

Israel helps in evacuation of Syria's White Helmets

422 people were evacuated in total.

Newshub takes a look inside Dubai to prove it’s more than just a luxury stopover

Passport to Dubai: Inside the world's desert-metropolis

Newshub takes a look inside Dubai to prove it's more than just a luxury stopover.

The bomber on Saturday targeted a gathering of Taliban fighters who were celebrating a three-day truce coinciding with the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Second attack during Afghan truce kills 14

Another 45 people were wounded in the attack in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

The Islamic State flag.

IS' chilling new mission revealed

The terrorist group's leader is plotting how to influence the next generation.

The AM Show live-streamed President Trump's announcement on Wednesday morning (NZ time).

Israel launches retaliatory strike against Iranian targets

The Middle East is spiralling into a cycle of violence after another attack.

The AM Show live-streamed President Trump's announcement on Wednesday morning (NZ time).

Iran's Golan Heights attack a 'very serious' escalation - expert

"The Middle East is already a tinder-box. This will make it much worse."

The explosion occurred at a mosque also being used as a voter centre in the eastern Afghan province of Khost.

Dozens of casualties in Afghan mosque blast

People were gathered after afternoon prayers when the explosion occurred.

A suicide bomber has struck at a voter registration centre in the Afghan capital, killing at least 48 people in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

48 dead, 112 injured in Kabul blast

A suicide bomber struck a voter registration centre in the Afghan capital, in an attack claimed by Islamic State.

A man stands on rubble of damaged buildings in the besieged town of Douma, Syria on March 30, 2018.

Dozens killed in Syria chemical attack

A rebel group says government forces dropped a barrel bomb containing the chemicals.