Auckland artists immortalise locals, tourists

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  • 22/03/2013

Aucklanders and tourists had the chance to be immortalised on paper, as local artists painted pictures of them.

For just $5 anyone could have their faces drawn while enjoying the surroundings of Queens Wharf yesterday as part of the Summer on Queens Programme.

Gina Schroder and her family were passing by and thought they'd try out getting their portraits done.

"I've never had it done before, so it was just an opportunity - we were walking past and we thought these artists looked very clever at what they did."

She really liked the picture which was done by local artist Jason Hong using pencil.

"I think it's wonderful, you know I've seen it done in other countries before like Europe. I think it's cool being able to drop in and have it done."

Artist Ant Sang also wanted to try out being on the other side of the easel.

"It's just really cool, I can see myself in the mirror it's really interesting to see how an artist interprets me."

"It's awesome, it's going up on my wall."

Michel Mulipola, who draws with pen, said it was his second time doing Street portraits - and was a great way to get some extra pocket money.

"It's just something fun to do really plus it's a way to get some money while drawing, which is one of those conundrums. Being paid to do what you love to do is always a good thing."

Mulipola says he's come across some interesting people at previous sessions.

"All sorts of people," he says. "Kids, women men, old people, the range is quite vast, it's anyone and everyone really."

This was the third time Street Portraits has been done on Queens Wharf. The brains behind it is Cleo Barnett, who says it's a great way to showcase local artists.

"It's a fun way to get the community of Auckland more engaged with local artists and it's so cool getting together a group of artists and seeing how differently they paint one person. Everyone has different styles."

All summer there have been numerous activities and events and art installations on Queens Wharf.

Since the wharf opened for the Rugby World Cup, public spaces manager Connie Clarkson says Waterfront Auckland has been trying to make it a vibrant place for Aucklanders with varied activities and events.

"The idea is to actually keep things fresh and new. We've got Kai on Queens, we've got food, we've got activities."

Although today was the last day of Street Portraits, Ms Clarkson says the Summer on Queens programme will continue until the end of March, before the ITU World Triathlon event starts on the wharf on April 6.

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