Auckland looks for parking solutions

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  • 27/05/2015

Public transport supporters admit Auckland faces a difficult balance when it comes to solving the city's growing parking problems.

In an effort to discourage drivers heading into the CBD, Auckland Transport wants to reduce free street parking in the city's outlying suburbs and raise parking fees. It's one of a number of proposed measures up for debate.

Jon Reeves of the Public Transport Users Association says it's a complex issue.

"Auckland a) has a limited budget, and b) has a huge amount of growth on public transport services, but we've just got to make sure we pick great options for all the public transport users and car users."

Under the proposal, people may be charged for all day parking at park-and-ride stations. Mr Reeves says that's fine, as long as public transport can meet the demand.

"We would like to see Auckland Transport making sure they invest in more buses and more ferries, but also increasing the rail services and extending rail services, for example out to Huapai and Kumeu, growth areas like that."

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source: newshub archive