Auckland's SkyPath: What is it?

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  • 23/01/2015

SkyPath is a proposed passage way that would allow Aucklanders to cross the city's harbour – from the CBD to Takapuna – without a car or boat.

The partially enclosed passageway would run beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge, and carry an estimated $33.5 million construction cost.

SkyPath would be made of lightweight composite material and would clip on to the underside of the eastern edge of the bridge.

Designed for pedestrians and cyclists, the path would have a gradient of 3 degrees, regarded as 'easy' by NZ Cycle Trail guidelines. Users with a Hopcard would pay around $2 per crossing, while journeys paid for by cash, credit card or phone text would cost around $4.

After 10 years of planning, the track is now getting closer to reality, with a potential opening date of 2016. Mayor Len Brown has called the passage a "game changer" for the city.

Submissions on the SkyPath's resource consent closed yesterday afternoon, with more than 4000 lodged with Auckland Council. Over 11,000 submissions have also been made through youth organisation Generation Zero's website.

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source: newshub archive