Bank robbery revelation 'outrageous'

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  • 02/12/2009

Revelations that anti-1080 campaigner Clyde Graf has convictions for bank robbery are a political attack from nervous 1080 supporters, says a Buller 1080 opponent.

"Every time there is an attack of this nature, it demonstrates the other side are getting increasingly nervous and believe they have to resort to personal insults," said Cleve Mackay, of Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action.

"If you are having no impact, nobody attacks you. These things are always highly political, they're not something that simply comes out of thin air."

Mr Graf had promptly addressed the revelations, without subterfuge and with his credibility intact, Mr Mackay said.

"Clyde Graf is totally honest and committed to improving the social environment in New Zealand. His past has nothing to do with this issue "
"He is one of the most credible individuals involved in the 1080 debate."

Mr Mackay said he had had emails from people throughout New Zealand supporting Mr Graf against the "outrageous personal attack".

"It does not diminish their support for him and his efforts one iota."

Clyde Graf and his brother Steve, who refer to themselves as "The Graf Boys", achieved national recognition for their anti-1080 documentaries, A Shadow of Doubt, and more recently Poisoning Paradise.

An anonymous letter to some media outlets yesterday revealed Clyde and a third brother, Paul, were sentenced in February 1986 to 10 years' jail for bank robberies in Brisbane, Australia.

The pair served two-and-a-half years in prison before completing their sentences on parole.

Clyde Graf issued a statement yesterday saying that he had been "young and foolish" when he committed the robberies, and regretted his actions.

He had accepted the probability that a higher public profile might lead to his past being revealed, but he went ahead anyway because the 1080 issue was so important to him.

"This in no way changes my determination to fight the use of 1080 in our country."


source: newshub archive