Chch mayoral race - who are the candidates?

  • 15/08/2013


Nominations have officially closed for the Christchurch mayoralty and a mix of candidates are running for the top job.

However the race is likely to come down to the two most well-known; current Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel and Re:Start Mall planner Paul Lonsdale.

Incumbent Bob Parker is bowing out of the top job, telling Campbell Live last month that he is exhausted after years of dealing with the Christchurch quakes.

The city should know who has come out victorious by the end of Saturday, October 12, after the votes are counted.

Lianne Dalziel

As the most high-profile contender for the mayoralty, Ms Dalziel is popular amongst Christchurch's eastern suburbs after spending several years as Labour's quake recovery spokesperson.

The 53-year-old supports a 'ground-up' quake recovery, openly criticising the Government for leaving the locals out of the decision-making process.

With a law degree from Canterbury University, Ms Dalziel was born and raised in Christchurch and has been in Parliament since 1990.

At the peak of her Parliamentary career as member of Helen Clark's government, the long-time MP was given a range of Cabinet portfolios– including food safety, ACC, commerce, women's affairs, immigration and senior citizens.

The mayoral hopeful is yet to announce a policy structure but has previously criticised the council for a lack of transparency and taking on heavy debt. She has also ruled out selling off "strategic" assets.

Paul Lonsdale

As the central city manager for the Christchurch Business Association, Mr Lonsdale was the mastermind behind the post-quake Re:Start Mall.

The 52-year-old is emerging as a candidate for voters on the right, proffering his close relationship with the city's business and government authorities as a big advantage for the city's rebuild.

While the candidate does have 18 years' experience in retail and business, this will be his first official bout in the political ring.

His experience in retail includes the managing of Christchurch's Merivale Mall, which doubled its turnover in four years under his management, and Re:Start Mall.

Mr Lonsdale is yet to announce any particular policy, but says a "major change" is needed at the council.

Victor Cattermole

An international businessman, Mr Cattermole is best-known for a 2010 bid to save England's financially troubled Portsmouth Football Club.

The 50-year-old spearheaded an attempt to raise $400 million to save the club – but that failed to come to fruition.

The businessman has a chequered past – three companies he is connected to have gone into liquidation, while at least another 12 have been struck off the Companies Office register.

Heading back to Christchurch three years ago to help with quake recovery, Mr Cattermole is now working as a 'consumer advocate' for hard-hit residents under his company Consumer Advocates Ltd.

The born-and-bred Cantabrian is campaigning on four main points: creating a unified council, holding the Government and insurance industry to account for timely repairs, pushing a community focus and "putting heart and soul" into rebuilding the city.

Hugo Kristinsson

A new challenger in the Christchurch political scene, Mr Kristinsson is selling himself as the people's man.

The 51-year-old software developer says he's running for the top job after experiencing the city's post-quake issues first hand.

The Iceland native has been living in Christchurch since 1995 and says he has been working closely with the locals that have been most affected by the quake, helping them to communicate with those in power.

Mr Kristinsson says he will be fighting to keep the city's heritage buildings and improve transparency at the council.

Robin McCarthy

As a local resident who is concerned with the some of the council's recent decisions, Mr McCarthy says his main objective is to make things better.

The 57-year-old, who owns sightseeing company Christchurch Tours, has been a part of around 30 start-ups over his lifetime, working in the tourism industry for 25 years.

Mr McCarthy is campaigning for better accountability amongst the council's management and a new CEO.

In particular, Mr McCarthy wants department managers to be compelled to attend council meetings and a wider distribution of managerial responsibility.

The Cantabrian is also promising to foster the city's economy by encouraging international and local investment.

Blair Anderson

A four-time mayoral candidate, Mr Anderson says he wants to stir up debate in Christchurch and change to the way the city's leaders are elected.

The 59-year-old, who owns a dog training business, says the council should consider using the Single Transferable Vote for local elections.

The system, which was considered in the 2011 MMP referendum, allows voters to prioritise the candidates they like by ranking them on a list.

Mr Anderson also says he's a highly skilled candidate, claiming he has a wide range of experience on scientific, environmental, transportation and energy issues.

Rik Tindall

A former Environment Canterbury councillor for Christchurch, Mr Tindall is looking to get back into politics after the losing his position in a council-wide sacking.

The regional council was controversially suspended by the Government in 2010, with officials saying the performance was substandard. Appointed commissioners were put in their place.

Now a computer technician, 53-year-old Tindall says he is a "central" candidate that would work to balance the central city rebuild with the wider city recovery.

In particular, he hopes to speed up the repair and rebuild of council's social housing and set up a body to help locals find appropriate places to live.

Brad Maxwell

A long-time political campaigner, Mr Maxwell is trying his luck in this year's elections again after landing sixth place in the 2010 vote.

The 53-year-old real-estate agent, who runs Premier Reality Limited, says his business experience will help the council out of its financial problems.

He is campaigning on the basis that the city needs honesty, integrity and trust and is promising to bring those qualities to the position if elected.

Peter Wakeman

Running for the Christchurch mayoralty, Mr Wakeman is a long-time political campaigner.

The Christchurch local has previously stood for a number of political positions, including the Te Tai Hauauru electorate in 2004, the Canterbury District Health Board in 2010 and several other local body positions.

A 2010 profile listed on claims Mr Wakeman supports greater regulation for Christchurch's water and lower power costs.

3 News has not been able to reach him for comment.

Kyle Chapman

A third-time mayoral candidate, Mr Chapman is leader of the Right Wing Resistance – a local neo-Nazi group.

He has earned infamy in the city for annual 'White Pride Day' marches and distributing anti-Asian immigration flyers in letterbox drops across the city.

The 41-year-old, who was once convicted for fire-bombing a marae, is also a former national director of the New Zealand National Front – a white nationalist political party.

Mr Chapman hopes to be a "protest vote" for Christchurch, saying through his blog that the city is seeing a wave of "unhappy people".

Sammy Harris

As the youngest face in this year's election, Mr Harris hopes to give the council a shot of adrenaline.

The 25-year-old, who is currently studying at Christchurch's CPIT Broadcasting School, says he wants to clear up council infighting and get rid of "old ways".

The born-and-bred Cantabrian has never run for a political position before and admits he lacks the credentials for the job, but is promising it'll give him a fresh insight to the council's problems.

He is yet to announce a policy structure, but says he knows what is "right and wrong" and will defend Christchurch's heritage buildings.

Tubby Hansen

A perennial candidate, 'Tubby' (Christopher) Hansen hails from the Christchurch suburb of Spreydon.

The secretive hopeful has put his name in the running for several different seats across several elections, but did not leave a contact number with this year's application to run for Mayor.

3 News has not been able to reach him for comment.

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source: newshub archive