Christchurch rebuild critiqued in Once in a Lifetime

  • 24/08/2014

By Lydia Anderson

The Christchurch rebuild has come under critique in a new book examining the Government's recovery plan.

Once in a Lifetime features a collection of essays, and includes a foreword by former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Co-editor Ryan Reynolds says the rebuild was not seen in a positive light in Christchurch.

"It seems to be that changing your mind, changing policy, changing the plan is seen as a weakness or a loss of face, so we're trying to create a critique as a positive act."

Ms Clark became involved through her role with the United Nations Development Programme, he said.

"When we were putting a call out for submissions she caught wind through her Twitter account, and we got in touch that way."

Mr Reynolds said on Firstline this morning the book was being released ahead of the September election so it could be at the top of the agenda for an incoming Earthquake Recovery Minister.

It contains a wide range of opinions from 55 authors, including a piece by Mr Reynolds himself.

But it's not all critical, with 39 visual essays showcasing creative initiatives in the city.

"There've been a lot of good events going on in Christchurch, which is something else we're trying to capture in the book," he said.

The incredible movement of street art that's been flourishing in Christchurch since the quake, or kind of silly things like all the different ways shipping containers, cargo containers have been used."

The book will be launched next week as a part of the Christchurch's Writers and Readers Festival, WORD.

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source: newshub archive