Christchurch's Pedro's House of Lamb open again

By Annabelle Tukia

A Christchurch man who lost his son and his livelihood in the February quake is finally getting back on his feet.

Pedro Carazo's Spanish restaurant was an institution in the city, and now he's back in business.

The February quake robbed Mr Carazo of almost everything. He lost a son in the CTV building collapse, his inner-city restaurant was destroyed and his home written off.

But today the 67-year-old Spanish immigrant started to reclaim his life.

“I tell you one thing, it was hard,” he says. “I was thinking I was in a hole, but again with help of everyone I’ve come alive.”

Mr Carazo's restaurant was a popular Christchurch eatery for 33 years. Now it is back operating out of a temporary site and serving just one dish – Mr Carazo's signature New Zealand lamb.

It didn't take long for his faithful former customers to start lining up.

Mr Carazo’s joins a long list of restaurants and bars reopening since the quakes. There are now 420 in the city. His nephew and business partner says a $30,000 grant from the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust meant it was possible they joined that list.

“That was a good boost that really helped to get things started,” says Iñaki Sanchez.

And as the well-wishers continue to roll up and welcome Mr Carazo back to the Christchurch hospitality scene, it has become clear just how much he has missed being in the kitchen.

“I can smell my hands,” he says. “They're rosemary, garlic and lamb. It’s beautiful.”

Judging by today's number of customers, that's a smell Mr Carazo's going to have to get used to.

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source: newshub archive