Convicted rapist back tutoring

  • Breaking
  • 18/09/2012

By Amanda Snow

A trust overseeing the running of a Maori tourism course in Northland is defending the appointment of a convicted rapist as head tutor.

Peter Kitchen was on the Maori Tourism Council and ran a backpackers’ lodge, training school and cultural centre on Kaitaia’s main street.

But in 2008 he was jailed for the indecent assault and rape of a 14-year-old girl – crimes he committed in 1982.

However, Te Houtaewa Maori Trust member Edward Berghan insists Mr Kitchen has paid his dues.

“He has done the time and done the crime,” he says.

Mr Berghan says Mr Kitchen sees his counsellor on a regular basis.

It is not a view shared by Victim Support CEO Tony Payne.

“There are certain types of crime where the consequences of committing those crimes don’t stop when you are released from prison.

“I think crimes of sexual violence and crimes against young people are one of those crimes.”

RadioLIVE understands lessons with Mr Kitchen include marae-based workshops, site visits, and one-to-one tutorial support.

The revelation comes as Kaitaia reels from deputy principal James Parker's shock admissions of dozens of sex crimes against boys in the area - and as Kaitaia Family Church leader Eric Reid is charged with 45 sex-related offences.


source: newshub archive