David Bain moving on with life

  • 04/03/2012

By Adrien Taylor

David Bain is preparing to address an international injustice conference in Perth.

Currently he's living in West Auckland and working in an engineering workshop.

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He spends his spare time with his new found passion, horse riding.

After thirteen years in prison and after being found not guilty of shooting his parents, sisters and brother at a re-trial, Bain is trying to rebuild his life.

“I'm trying to do all of that 15 years catch-up, in a very short space of time, and soon I'm going to be 40, and where am I,” he says.

Life inside wasn't easy for him.

“I didn't plan for the future, I didn't try and set myself long-term goals, I woke up each morning and I coped with the first five minutes of the morning, then I dealt with the next five minutes when that came,” he says.

When he was finally found not guilty and freed, life outside wasn't easy either.

“I guess the hardest part was just getting used to walking down the street and being able to open the door by myself without having to wait for someone else to open it for me, eating stuff out of the fridge when I felt like it,” he says.

Despite the not guilty verdict there are some who still doubt. David Bain has a straight forward response to these people.

“Facts have now been exposed that prove I wasn't there. So it goes to show that from day one when I said to my first lawyer "I'm innocent", I've been proven correct. I am innocent. I did not kill my family,” he says.

This weekend he is a guest speaker at an international injustice conference in Perth.

“The opportunity that they've given me to speak at this conference, you can't look at something of this nature after what I've been through and not do something. Here's an opportunity to speak out about my experiences and hopefully help somebody who may find themselves in a similar situation,” he says.

Bain has been in full time work since shortly after his acquittal and relaxes horse riding with the local hunt club.

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