David Bain speechless after not guilty verdicts read

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  • 05/06/2009

David Bain has been found not guilty at his retrial of the murders of five members of his family.

The jury came back late this afternoon, returning not guilty verdicts on all five counts of murder.

David Bain smiled and lowered his head after each of the verdicts was read, and almost finished with a bow to the jury.

There was pandemonium in the court room – Mr Bain’s supporters went wild. Joe Karram, his long time supporter, had tears in his eyes as he hugged Mr Bain and members of the Karram family.

Mr Bain was taken down to address the media approximately 15 minutes later. Clearly overcome, he could not actually say anything.

After Mr Bain left, a couple of the jurors approached him and gave him a hug, smiled and told him good luck.

3 News understands Mr Bain is severely traumatised after listening to the evidence throughout the trial.

3 News

source: newshub archive