David Seymour's Parliamentary perks top $500,000

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  • 29/09/2014

The ACT Party's David Seymour can look forward to a string of Parliamentary perks and funding worth more than $500,000.

That's because Prime Minister John Key has signed deals with ACT and United Future, giving them plum jobs which come with plum benefits.

Mr Seymour's been given the role of undersecretary for education. It means he gets a bit more say in two portfolios, and a lot more cash.

Because ACT failed to get its actual leader Jamie Whyte into Parliament, Mr Seymour gets Parliament's perks – including $100,000 plus party, member and other funding.

Add that to Mr Seymour's allowance just for being an MP, and his undersecretary salary - which is nearly $30,000 more than your average back bencher - and he's pulling $585,028 a year plus extra staff.

It's all thanks to Mr Key doing a deal and gifting Mr Seymour Epsom – and the MP admits he couldn't have won the seat without the Prime Minister's support.

ACT only got 14,510 votes, while United Future did far worse with just 4,533.

And although Mr Key doesn't need either party, he's signed deals with them both.

"[There's] no direct political wins, we're getting nothing in return," he says.

Peter Dunne resumes all his ministerial posts - and does nicely from it too.

His funding, allowance and salary come in at $572,000.

He also gets extra staff and of course the coveted Crown limo – all in just little over a year since the leaking of a top secret spy report. Mr Dunne was the chief suspect - he resigned as a minister but still insists he didn't do it.

"We had that discussion at the time, I can't remember whether I looked you in the eye and shook your hand but I'm pretty sure it was a frank discussion," says Mr Dunne.

For ACT and United Future, Mr Key must seem like Santa Claus – not only would neither of them have got into Parliament without him, but he's just boosted their pay packets for no real reason.

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