Ex-top cop Mike Blowers jailed for drug crimes

  • 02/12/2014

A veteran policeman's relationship with an informant led to his downfall after he began stealing methamphetamine from evidence so his lover could sell it.

Former Northland detective Michael Blowers, 51, was jailed for four years and nine months when he appeared in the High Court at Whangarei, after pleading guilty to stealing and supplying methamphetamine.

Blowers initially denied the charges, but changed his plea to guilty just days into a two-week trial last month.

At sentencing this morning, Blowers' lawyer Arthur Fairley said his client knows he has betrayed other police from "top to bottom", as well as his family, and is deeply ashamed of his actions.

Blowers, who joined the police force in 1992, admitted to supplying methamphetamine between June 1, 2011 and June 31, 2012 as well as stealing methamphetamine from the evidence lock-up at Whangarei police station in October 2011, replacing it with lookalike table salt to cover his tracks.

He passed the drugs onto a woman, whose identity has been suppressed.

Justice Geoffrey Venning said Blowers had been warned by his supervisors to stay away from the informant as early as 2002.

"One female informant in particular led to your downfall. Your initial legitimate contact with her developed into an inappropriate and intimate relationship," said Justice Venning.

Blowers, who has been married for 24 years, continued seeing the informant and later began giving her meth he stole from the evidence locker.

He tried to justify the theft by saying he did it out of fear and to protect his family from threats by gangs.

Justice Venning rejected this explanation, saying a senior police officer like him would have been aware of what the police could do in those circumstances.

"The irresistible inference is that the real reason you took the drugs was because of your relationship with the informant and in order to make money," he said.

The Crown also had evidence that Blowers pressured the woman to pay him for the drugs he gave her, and at one point she gave him $7000.

Justice Venning said Blowers' actions had also compromised evidence seized at a raid because he later stole some of the methamphetamine.

"Actions such as yours endanger that reputation and the trust that members of the community properly have in our police force," he said.

A third charge of supplying cannabis was discharged when Blowers appeared in court last month.

Crown Prosecutor Michael Smith said a significant prosecution failed as a result of Blowers stealing drugs from the lock-up.

Mr Fairley said his client had shown deep remorse for his actions.

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